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2011-06-16 15:12

xtmembers_fieldeditor 1.1.0

xtmembers_fieldeditor 1.1.0 stable released

Member field editor

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2011-02-02 01:00

tags 1.7.0

tags 1.7.0 stable released

Tags to categorize Contao elements

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2010-09-12 14:50

tabindex 1.0.0

tabindex 1.0.0 stable released

Add the tabindex attribute to your form elements to set an activation order

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2010-07-08 21:55

All aurealis Contao components updated to Contao 2.9

All aurealis Contao (formerly known as TYPOlight) extensions have been updated to Contao 2.9 compatibility. Some extensions also got some bugfixes and little enhancements.

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aurealis - the software company

Apple WebObjects
Conceptual design and implemention of modern, secure, and scaleable enterprise applications based on the Java™ programming language and the Apple WebObjects application server.
Hosting, installation, conceptual design, and implementation of barrier-free content management solutions based on the Contao content management system.